Wasatch Ski Resort Culture Guide

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The central Wasatch has a phenomenal amount of skiing in a small area. Each ski area has its own unique terrain and quirks and that is what makes them special. Their differences also appeal to certain people and ultimately define the culture of the ski area. Where we choose to ski has a big impact […]

Winter Outdoor Recreation in Millcreek Canyon

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Winter in Salt Lake City is known for an abundance of ski and snowboard resorts located in the Wasatch and Park City, but Salt Lake City offers many other winter outdoor recreation options. The Millcreek Canyon trails, located a short drive from downtown SLC, are known for winter recreational activities where many people from the […]

Opening Dates of Wasatch Ski Areas 2022

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We are all super excited for the beginning of ski season in the Wasatch. Every ski area works super hard to have all the snowmaking in place, signage set up, and machinery maintained. A lot of stuff breaks and wears out during the previous winter and it takes all summer to prep for opening day. […]

How to Carve Better Turns While Skiing

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Skiing is one of the lifelong sports that people can do into their 80’s or even beyond. One of the great joys of skiing is smoothly gliding down a mountain in a beautiful location. Linking smooth turns together and truly feeling the flow is when skiing starts to really feel like magic. Sometimes that feeling […]

Holiday Gifts to Give to Skiers and Snowboarders

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Buying holiday gifts for skiers can be hard. Here at White Cloud Concierge we can recommend a few holiday gifts to give to skiers and snowboarders in your life that are sure to be great successes. Buying individual pieces of gear can be hard because there are so many options, but we’ve compiled a list […]

Four Simple Ski Tours in Little Cottonwood Canyon

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Little Cottonwood Canyon in Utah snakes 7 miles from the Salt Lake Valley to the town of Alta in the heart of the Wasatch. This scenic Utah route offers some of the best backcountry skiing near Salt Lake City. Known for champagne powder and easy access, Little Cottonwood Canyon can’t be missed by anyone with […]

Ski Tuning in Salt Lake City

Ski Tuning in Salt Lake City Your ski gear needs a good tune up before you go on the slopes. Whether you are heading out to Utah’s ski slopes or any other skiing mountain, making sure your skis are nicely tuned up is ideal. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, you need […]

Best Ski Tuning Service in Salt Lake City

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Are you a seasoned skier looking for the best ski tuning service in Salt Lake City, Utah? Whether you have skis, snowboards, or any other type of winter sports equipment, getting them tuned up can really improve how they work. Tuning up your equipment will sharpen them so you get the best performance possible. Here […]

Skiing: An Inspiring Lifelong Passion

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Skiing: an inspiring lifelong passion. Make the most of your life, on, and off the ski hill. By Cy Whitling According to some historians, way back in 161 AD, Marcus Aurelius said, “It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.” And, while Marcus probably wasn’t referring […]

Ski Tuning Service in Salt Lake City

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Ski Tuning Service in Salt Lake City When it comes to a ski tuning service in Salt Lake City, many people get their skis tuned at a ski service center or a ski shop specializing in ski tuning. While there are many excellent places for a ski tuning service in Salt Lake City, many people […]