White Cloud Concierge as a Business Solution

Sometimes an extra pair of hands is needed or a creative solution is needed in a pinch. Trade shows, deadlines, sprints, conferences, etc all can ramp up the stress while taxing regular employees’ ability to get things done.

An extra pair of hands

Are you in town for a tradeshow or putting on an event and need help setting up? We’ve got you covered. From decorating to setting up tables and chairs to deep cleaning and generally preparing a space to host people, we can do it. Local businesses will sometimes hire us to set up small event tents and tidy up the area while their employees work on more specialized problems. If coming into town for a tradeshow, all kinds of things can get lost in shipping. We can probably come up with a creative solution and provide it in the nick of time. One time with 36 hours of notice we put together a new hangar display system for trade shows. The company had theirs hung up in shipping and we put together a list of off-the-shelf parts from a nationally known hardware store, assembled the hangars, and provided instructions and a parts list in case our customer needed to build more in the future

Creative problem solving

Sometimes there are certain logistical problems involving getting the right people in the right place hundreds of miles away. We have a large and diverse network of people we can reach out to in order to make things happen.

Forging stronger partnerships for the future

We fully understand how important it is to know people. By working together, we can get to know you better. Sometimes our customers ask not for a pair of hands or a unique problem to be solved once, but for the services that another one of our customers provides. Imagine a software engineer who needs an intellectual property lawyer to help her start a new business. We know the people and can help you get in touch with them.