Errand Runners in Salt Lake City

Running errands in Salt Lake City is miserable. Dealing with the traffic, standing in line, and talking to people who can’t give you a straight answer. Errand runners in Salt Lake City are billed a minimum of $75 for the first hour and then mileage and time are factored into a custom invoice.

Save time by hiring White Cloud Concierge errand runners in Salt Lake City.

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run errands in Salt Lake City

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All of our services are provided in Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer open ended problem solving in order to make your life easier. Like a hotel concierge, we can arrange for a lot. Our most popular services are easy to arrange, but we are unafraid to take on a novel project in order to make your life easier. We’ve arranged for excellent house cleaning many times. We’ve also gotten a custom camper van moved from Salt Lake City to Kansas, among other unique problems solved.


Are you tired of trying to manage house cleaning, landscaping, pool cleaning, and more? None of that is on your mind when you check into a hotel. Why can’t you have a hotel concierge service in your own private home? At White Cloud Concierge, we provide that. We have a wonderful team of service providers ready to put more time back into your life so you can do what you value most.

We manage house cleaning, landscaping, errand running, car detailing, window cleaning, gutter clearing, and far more.  We put the ridiculous convenience of a hotel concierge at your fingertips. We can also help you plan your perfect day off! Ask us to find out more!

Hire a professional to run errands for you in Salt Lake City with White Cloud Concierge!