Salt Lake City car detailing is a great way to keep your peace of mind with a super clean space to drive in.

Mobile Detailing


We come to you for a hassle free Salt Lake City car detailing experience. If you commute to work, drive home in a totally clean car. If you don’t, we’ll come to your house. Vacuum, steam clean, leather conditioner, glass polish, and more.


Most mobile details are about $300 but that can vary based on how dirty it is and where the car is located. Check out some other services offered by White Cloud Concierge!

Some services you might be interested in to put more time in your life for skiing

Ski Tuning

Make sure your edges are sharp and skis are waxed for maximum enjoyment out of the day. Click here for more information

House Cleaning

Why end your ski day early to clean your house when you can pay somebody else to do a better job?

Car Detailing

Get that road salt and grime out of your car so you can feel that nice sense of calm when you get in it to go ski