How it Works

How it works as a Customer

Engaging with a home concierge service at first can create a lot of questions. Over the years, we’ve worked very hard to make it as convenient as possible. Like having a personal assistant or the hotel front desk at your service.

How to sign up?

It’s as simple as possible. Make an account here, agree to the terms and conditions (which are worth a read), and you’re good to go. We understand that there are many demands on your attention, so we don’t believe in making you download an app, figure out a new user interface, and figure out where to put it on your home screen (if at all). After that, we’re a text or phone call away.

How do I request to get work done?

After signing up as a customer and filling out the initial customer intake form, we have your critical information like home address. Shoot us a text asking for what needs to be done and we’ll look at our network, get them the relevant information, and make sure that the right people get to the right place at the right time to get the job done. Text, phone call, or email. It’s as easy as texting your personal assistant (or partner or helpful visitor) that you need to get the house cleaned before hosting guests on the 20th.

How do I pay?

Our goal is to put the hotel front desk into your life. We keep your card on file with Stripe, which is PCI compliant. Nobody at White Cloud knows anything about your payment information except for the last 4 digits of your credit card. In the Terms and Conditions, we give you 3 days to change your payment method (put this charge on a different card), and after that we reserve the right to charge the card on file. Look at section 9 in the Terms and Conditions for further details. 

What if I want to tip?

We work really hard with our vendors to come to fair pay so that they feel appreciated for the work they do and want to come back and do work again on behalf of White Cloud. Consistency is key. Our prices reflect this and we do not expect tipping, despite this being a service based business.

It’s your money and if you want to slip some cash to our vendors, nobody will be mad. If you want to tip via credit card, shoot us a message and we’ll make sure it gets to whoever shoveled your snow, detailed your car, or otherwise made your life easier. Tipping via card carries a 3% transaction fee, so if you wanted to tip $100, we’d pass on $97 to the person who made your life easier. We also track who gets tipped as a way of customer satisfaction.

What if I want to use White Cloud as a treat for a friend or family member?

Thank you so much. That shows that not only do you trust us to take care of your house, but you are making a referral and paying for it yourself. If your parents are hosting a party or your friend is overwhelmed with work or a colleague went above and beyond and you want to make their lives easier by putting White Cloud on the job, we are on it. Get us the relevant information on what needs to be done where and by when and we’ll make it happen. We’ll send you the bill and you can be happy that you made a friend’s life easier when they needed it.

How does White Cloud get paid?

We should be charging a subscription for access to our network, but we currently don’t. For now, White Cloud marks up the services rendered and operates on the margin. Section 7 of the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to says that we have made a substantial investment in creating and curating our network. Section 7.3 says that if you attempt to circumvent White Cloud Concierge and pay the lawnmower or house cleaner we have arranged for you to use separately and cut White Cloud out, we have the right to bill you for a year of services from that vendor. Please don’t do that. If you hired a full time personal assistant, you would pay for them for their time and efforts to arrange for other services to be rendered in your life.

So you’re a property management service?

No. Property management services are primarily focused on keeping rental properties producing rental income for owners. White Cloud is a concierge service dedicated to keeping our customers doing what they value most. We try really hard to keep valuable community members working their fulfilling careers and actually resting on their days off.

What’s an example of your ideal customer?

 The real life use case would be a single doctor or lawyer named Sam who wants to spend their weekends skiing with their son and daughter. Taking twenty minutes out of a day of work to call around during business hours just for car detailing quotes is twenty minutes not helping clients with big problems. Weekends should be spent actually enjoying the life that has been worked so hard for. A few text messages or an email and we can get the springtime deep house clean done, the winter tires swapped for summer tires, spring flower planting taken care of, and the mountain bikes picked up and dropped off freshly tuned.

Sam is really appreciative of the incredible convenience that White Cloud provides and the dedication to creating the foundation that a fun life is built on