How it Works for Vendors

What does White Cloud need from me?

White Cloud needs an exceptional group of people dedicated to providing services at a high level. Above and beyond that is a group of people who communicate extraordinarily well. In order to work together, above all else, White Cloud needs your prompt response when asking you to do work, send us an invoice, or tell us about any potential problems. Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen. Communication goes a long way to setting reasonable expectations on all sides of the transaction. 

Sometimes jobs go longer than expected and the second or third job of the day will be an hour late. That’s fine, communicate! Sometimes work needs more materials or time than initially thought. That’s fine, communicate and we’ll come to an agreement on the money needed to get it done. Sometimes life happens, like going to the ER. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. But let us know as soon as reasonable and what we can do for you.

In order to become a Priority Vendor, agree to the Terms and Conditions here. In order to become a Premium Vendor, we need you to send us a certificate of insurance with White Cloud Concierge, LLC listed as an additionally insured as well as an FBI background check. Those instructions can be found here.

How do I get paid as a vendor?

Similar to how an electrician would get paid by a general contractor, you and White Cloud will enter into an agreement with details on how much you’ll get paid, when you’ll get paid, and the method of payment. The fastest way for you to get paid is by sending us an invoice we can pay by credit card. If you need help setting up credit card payment processing, ask! After that, we prefer to pay people through Quickbooks because it helps with our accounting. Venmo works fine too but we are outgrowing that.

How does White Cloud get paid?

Similar to how a general contractor would get paid for hiring an electrician, we mark your services up. We’ll be transparent with how much we mark your services up so that the customer gets the same price told to them.

Does every vendor get paid the same amount and is the markup the same?

No! Every vendor is different, like a plumber or electrician or carpenter or painter. Sometimes our vendors offer us a discount because they appreciate how much business we send their way. Others do not because we do not send lots of business their way, but still need them to do the work that they do.

Can I just work directly with the customer?

Yes and no. We are providing house information and contact information to our customers. You’re going to their house and there’s really nothing we can do to stop you from exchanging phone numbers. Please communicate directly with a customer regarding the nitty gritty details of doing the actual work for them. There’s no reason for us to play telephone and lose out on details if we don’t have to. Please let us know that you had a conversation with them such as “We told Bob and Jane that they’ll need different chemicals in their pool”. We don’t need you to say “can you please ask Bob and Jane if it’s ok that we switch to the other pool chemicals”. If you don’t have their phone number or don’t feel comfortable taking it, we’re happy to do that for you but don’t want to feel like it’s mandatory.

Can you circumvent White Cloud on payment? No. If you do, you’re off the team and we’ll stop sending work to you. This hasn’t ever been a problem though. Don’t be the first person to make it a problem. We have had customers try and circumvent White Cloud and we had to create a provision in the contract that they agree to when they engage us. Don’t make us do that for other service providers.

We are adding value to you by sending business your way. We are adding value to our customers by making it as easy as possible for them to get things done. Don’t cut us out.

Can I refer my customers to you and get paid?

Absolutely! This has been happening a little bit to a degree of success. The example would be house cleaners recognizing that there are dirty windows. House cleaners like to clean inside a house and window cleaners like to get up on ladders and clean the exterior of a house. We have access to both, and more! 

If you’re a house cleaner and see dirty windows, pitch the idea to the person whose house you’re cleaning. If they buy window cleaning services from White Cloud, we’ll pay you for the referral. We don’t yet have a set rate as the markup on other services is variable, but we’ll be transparent with you. If this happens enough, we’ll get a rate sheet put together and then you can know that if you make the sale, you’ll get a certain percentage of it or a fixed cost.

We love sending work to you and we love making you look good. The work that you do reflects upon us and our other service providers. We don’t take referrals lightly and want to make you look good.

I get a lot of money from tips, how can I get tipped?

We primarily work with owner-operators. These are people who own the business and operate it entirely themselves. They can’t rely on tips alone to pay their bills and they have learned to charge accordingly. If you are offering to work for $5 an hour plus tips and the rest of our vendors are billing us much higher, we’ll tell you that we’d rather see consistency from you and that you should charge a higher rate. Your work has to reflect that.

Quite frankly, we think that tipping is bullshit. You should expect to be paid well without the awkward “hey can I please have an extra few bucks” at the end.

Sometimes our customers do a really great job and want to tip. If they offer you cash, take it and say “thank you very much!”. There’s no reason for White Cloud to get in the way of that. Most often, we get a text saying “Hey, they did such a great job, can I tip them?” and we charge their card on file for the amount they want. Credit card processing costs us about 3%, so if they want to tip you $100, we’ll give you $97. We also like to log in your file that you earned a tip for an exceptionally well done job.

I have a friend that does really good work, can they become a White Cloud service provider/ vendor?

Sure! We love having more names to pull from to get work done. We do prioritize our stronger relationships first, but that doesn’t meant we can’t use an extra pair of hands to help out. Put us in touch and we’ll see if they are a good match. We’ll also log that you referred a friend as a service provider.

I need some extra work to cover the bills this month. Can I do work other than what I primarily do?

Yes! Sometimes we need a few pair of hands to load up a dumpster with yard waste or furniture. Sometimes we need somebody to drive a car to the dealership for the 50,000 mile service. If you’re the right person for the job, we might ask you to do it. We have had our favorite lawn care guy drive a camper van across the country. We don’t see why a house cleaner can’t take a customers skis to our favorite ski shop, especially if they’re already cleaning the house. Save a trip in the car!

Also, if you need a few extra bucks this month, remember that we offer incentives for selling the other services we provide.