White Cloud Concierge was founded on one very simple principle. Add more time into people’s lives in order to do what they value most. Our clients tend to value three things above all else. They tend to enjoy solving difficult and engaging problems. They love to recreate. They love to spend time with their families. Many of these people are friends that we have met while skiing, biking, climbing, or otherwise recreating.

It is always sad to hear on the chairlift that somebody is calling their last run because they have to take care of chores that somebody else can probably do. For the most part, if it is not one of those three top value activities, it can be hired out. Just like at a hotel, it is possible to focus entirely on work, vacation, or family time, and go to the front desk for almost everything else. White Cloud Concierge aims to be the front desk for your life.

Our mission is to provide personal assistance to you in order to put more time into your life so that you can do what you value most. White Cloud Concierge acts on a set of clear principles. The most important principle is to add direct value to clients lives. Above all else, we strive to add more hours into life that can be spent solving difficult problems, recreating, or with loved ones. Principles that are adhered to while adding value are as follows:
Learn everything so that a client does not have to repeat themselves and we can better anticipate their needs. Foster Relationships Life is more fun with friends, and value can be added more effectively in a friendly trusting relationship.
All affairs are conducted honestly. Extreme honesty is one of the best ways to foster excellent relationships. Humility Constantly seek to understand and constructively deal with reality to create real value and achieve personal improvement. Everybody knows something that somebody does not. Become everybody’s student.
Treat others with dignity, respect, honesty, and sensitivity to encourage and practice teamwork. Understand that every person knows something you don’t. Communicate Most problems between people are due to a lack of clear, honest, open communication. Avoid these problems by communicating clearly and often.
Have fun
What is the point of more time in our lives if we can’t have fun with it?

Read testimonials from our customers!

Using White Cloud Concierge was the best! Had them pick up/drop off my bike for a much needed tune-up before the summer. It was easy, fast, and super convenient. It allowed me to not take time away from my busy schedule or stress about finding a shop that could do it after my work hours. Highly recommend!

~Nea Bois

Used WCC for a car detail – it was perfect. The person who detailed my car did an EXCELLENT job, was super kind and communicative. It was also great because I had a time crunch, and WCC was able to schedule and make it happen within 24 hours of my inquiry. Highly recommend, and will definitely look to them for additional services needed. Thank you!

~Megan Grassell

They know really good people and honestly, Utah is largely word of mouth to find them. For all those who relocated here, your endorsements take care of having to try numerous different service providers. Thank you and I’m so glad I found them!


An excellent concierge service for getting it done! My mom and one of my employees both used White Cloud Concierge for cleaning as well as other “handy” items including painting and putting in flooring. The service is always nothing but stellar, with no concerns about the workers – they are all clean and professional.

~Lance Fravel

Just had my car detailed through White Cloud Concierge for the first time, and I was truly blown away by the quality. Kids tend to make things sticky… and my car was sadly very sticky. Randy’s attention to detail left my vehicle looking brand new, and I’ve truly never seen a more thorough car detail. Ben made scheduling easy, ensured timely arrival and satisfaction with the outcome. I will definitely use White Cloud again!

~Rachel Jone

My wife and I are a few weeks away from having our first kid, started getting overwhelmed with tasks so I reached out to White Cloud Concierge for some pickup and delivery help. Fast response, easy to work with and went above and beyond to understand what I needed, in this case lumber for building kitchen cabinets. I will use more of what white cloud has to offer like ski tuning, car detailing and landscaping in the future. Ben has great energy and was a pleasure to interact with, Thanks!

~Will McGandy