About Us

Mission & Purpose

The purpose of White Cloud Concierge is to put more time into people’s lives to do what they value most in the communities that they live in.

If a customer of ours were to go on a business or pleasure trip and check into a hotel, they would have the incredible convenience of the hotel front desk to take care of all their needs, both foundational and aspirational. Their foundational needs are generally taken care of by default, giving them the foundation to pursue their aspirations while on the trip. The house keeping, lawn mowing, and window cleaning is not even a thought at a hotel. If there was something wrong with the room or the house keeping needed to be paused or done a certain way (leave chocolates on the pillows), the hotel front desk would be able to take that request and make it happen. 

Aspirationally, if a hotel guest wanted their business or pleasure trip made better, they could ask the front desk. Best restaurant to take clients to for dinner? The front desk will be able to make a recommendation for the best Italian restaurant or steak house. If a guest wanted their skis to be tuned up and a ski lesson booked on a ski trip, the hotel front desk could accommodate this. A smiling instructor and freshly tuned skis show up the next morning, ready to make the day awesome.

Why can’t this exist for full time residents? Sure, a very select few have a dedicated personal assistant or staff, but that doesn’t make sense for most people. What if the whole neighborhood of houses on the hill shared that personal assistant?


Life is a team sport. Despite our best efforts, life is messy. It’s often all about knowing a guy who will help when life gets messy. Learning who that guy is and how to best work together is a lot of work. We’re the guy who knows a guy.

The Story

Our founder realized that he was the guy who knew a guy and that was a valuable habit to have sometime in 2019-2020. The idea to monetize it popped into his head and he started running with it. A few times, he sold a gig and couldn’t find a guy to get it done, so he did it himself. 

At first it was nebulous. He semed to think that by knowing seemingly everybody, he could charge a finders fee to get something done or connect somebody to somebody else. That would need crystalizing because being everything for everybody just plain doesn’t work. 


After some market research, it seemed like most people had their biggest headaches around maintaining their house and car. Ben knew plenty of people who did plenty of house work and car work, and plenty of people who needed that work to be done. The idea of a concierge, like the hotel front desk seemed to work well.


Some of the people who needed work to be done were in the realm of short term rentals, long term rentals, real estate, or otherwise. This was not unique and Ben didn’t want to create a property management company. He wanted to use his habit of connecting people to be able to create more skiing for his customers, not just another rent check.


He slowly stopped accepting customers who wanted help managing their short term rentals and vacation homes. 


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Our big "aha" moment

In the spring of 2023, Ben was approached by a medical group asking if White Cloud could turn into an employee benefit. This was the big “aha” moment. To really truly keep community members doing their fulfilling job and their favorite thing on the weekend. The idea that Ben could use his power of knowing everybody to keep doctors doctoring was enthralling.


There would be fewer excuses for doctors to stop saving lives in order to take a 15 minute phone call. The patients and hospital would win on that front. The doctors would have far less work to do on the weekends simply managing their own lives. They could actually enjoy the lives they worked so hard for. 


That opportunity petered out for better or worse. The crystallization that came from it was invaluable.

Who we serve

Learning that White Cloud could really truly help professionals keep doing their fulfilling jobs and actually resting while they are home was super important. Our customers are doctors, lawyers, engineers, small business owners, financial advisors, and other people who do very valuable work within their communities. Most of them moved to Utah in order to better enjoy their lives. Life’s mess followed.


Some of our customers are two professionals married to each other. Two people working 80 hour work weeks can barely pick up the phone to get their car detailed, let alone solve problems that pop up in the moment. Having a partner is hard, especially when they might be married to their work.


Some of our customers are single and they don’t have a partner to help them with life as a team sport. Something as simple as being home to receive a valuable package is just not possible. Having a team mate they can call or text to get any variety of things done allows them to do life more enjoyably and more efficiently.


A small number of our customers have a stay at home spouse. While the stay at home spouse is supposed to raise the kids and manage the house and cars, it’s much more valuable to focus on the kids rather than all of the other stuff that gets in the way. 


All of our customers want to work their fulfilling career, recreate, and spend time with their families.

What we value

Every company wants to say that they have a big list of brand values. We’ve narrowed it down to three that we find are absolutely essential to optimize for. Communication, trust, and fun.


Communication is paramount to all. Some of our customers mean different things by “a good job” and it’s important to identify exactly what they want. What one customer thinks is quality, another thinks is too expensive, and a third thinks its subpar. We keep a well indexed network of service providers in order to make the best match after communication.


Trust is also absolutely critical. The more trust that we have built with our customers, the better the transaction goes. Building a relationship with our customers where we have the door code, let ourselves in, and make life better is a super cool thing to build. While our customers are working, we’re opening the garage door and pulling the car out for a detail from our trusted car detailers, plus taking their skis or bikes to get tuned up. While our customers are out having a long weekend out of town, we’re letting ourselves in to do a deep spring clean of their house, including all of their windows.


The whole reason that we communicate as best we can and build trust is to make more fun happen. No more saying “I can’t take another run because I have to ____”. No more saying “I can only get out on the bike for an hour because I need to ____”. Far less telling your kids that they can’t continue skipping rocks because it’s time to go take care of stuff nobody wants to do.


If it isn’t fun, what’s the point?

The Team

Ben White

Founder + CEO

Kate Anderson

Project Manager

Lydia Schuldt

SEO Writer & Content Strategist

Shane Parreco

Web Admin