About Us

Our Story

White Cloud Concierge was founded on one very simple principle: 
Add more time to people’s lives so they can do what they value most.

Our clients at White Cloud Concierge appear to value three things above all else:
They enjoy solving difficult and engaging problems.
They love to recreate.
They love to spend time with their families.

Many of these people are friends that we have met while skiing, biking, climbing, or otherwise recreating.

It is always sad to hear on the chairlift that somebody is calling their last run because they have to take care of chores that somebody else can probably do. For the most part, if it is not one of those three top value activities, it can be hired out. Just like at a hotel, it is possible to focus entirely on work, vacation, or family time, and go to the front desk for almost everything else. White Cloud Concierge aims to be the front desk for your life.

Check out our services to save more time so you can get outside!

Our Mission


We aim to offer the highest quality service for any and every task list, to-do list, and weekend chore list.


All affairs are conducted honestly. Extreme honesty is one of the best ways to foster excellent relationships.


All of our vendors are licensed and insured - we worry about the details and getting the right person so you don't have to.


We constantly seek to understand your needs and create real value to help you achieve your goals.


Our focus is to be the connector you need to better manage your time and tasks so you can make the most of your weekend.

Customer Focus

Everything we do is to help our customers get back more of their time and enjoy their life in whatever way means the most.

The Team

Ben White

Founder + CEO

Kate Anderson

Project Manager

Lydia Schuldt

SEO Writer & Content Strategist

Shane Parreco

Web Admin