Our History

White Cloud Concierge was kicking around in our founders head sometime in 2019. He knew that he had the knack for getting the right people together to get things done. It could be to get some basic tasks done like emptying a shipping container, putting up a tent, or even skiing in front of a camera. It could also be for more complex things, like helping people who had moved to town make professional and platonic connections in niche industries. Either way, our founder Ben has been connecting people his entire life.

He was pursuing commercial aviation as a career and looked at the life of an airplane instructor (an almost mandatory step in the process) and realized that there was too much downtime between students canceling, planes breaking down, and weather. He thought that he could possibly put his habit of connecting people to use in his downtime, and started White Cloud Concierge without thinking it would turn into what it is now.

It could have been a service that curated groups of people who wanted to network in more concentrated settings, or it could have been more of a gig-work platform. The actual idea of how value would be created was far from clear, but it was certain that Ben’s ability to put the right people together would be the engine.

From the start, it has been a very hands on affair. One time Ben sold an oven cleaning job but couldn’t get somebody to do it, so he went and did it himself. He had never cleaned an oven before and scrubbed for about two hours. Between the cleaning supplies, the drive, and the time spent, it was a small financial loss but a great learning experience.

That was in 2020 and odd jobs got done here and there. In the fall of 2020, Ben met Grice who suggested a number of excellent business development books. They got read voraciously and helped with determining the shape, direction, and speed of what White Cloud would be and where it would go.

Over the summer of 2021, things started to crystalize a bit with a website and clearer picture of where the whole thing was headed. Announcing White Cloud via social media to the world helped a lot. Revenue almost doubled year over year. The message of how important knowledge is was hammered home. Twice as much revenue didn’t convert to twice as much profit, but that’s ok. It was at least twice as much learning and honing down on what White Cloud would be and where it is aimed. White Cloud also engaged its first internal team mate, Sara, who helped with scheduling and calendar stuff. She is awesome in every way. She ended up focusing on 

In 2022, there were a few distinct glimpses of what White Cloud could be. The most memorable was when a new customer was created outside of Ben’s personal network that wanted pickup and delivery ski tuning. The skis were picked up from the new customers house, brought to the ski shop, repaired, sharpened, waxed, and dropped back off at the customers house completely hassle free. A few dollars in profit were made, but it was a clear glimpse of what could come. That could be made to happen many, many times. There was further niching down and refining of the process and the offering, but it was still relatively nebulous. White Cloud also engaged with Lydia as an internal team mate

2023 was a year full of internal growth. The idea that White Cloud could be offered as an employee benefit was floated. The concept of keeping resident professionals doing what they do and actually resting on the weekends became crystal clear. White Cloud would not be a short term rental management service, it would not be a vacation home maintenance service. White Cloud would exist to keep doctors doctoring and lawyers lawyering and actually using their weekends to go enjoy the Wasatch as much as they could. The idea that this could become a real true asset to people living in and serving the community at a high level was irresistible.

Ben’s background in aviation, steep skiing, and natural curiosity has helped White Cloud continually narrow down, be precise, and keep things in perspective. There have been some fairly exciting things happen, like another company sending lawyer letters about trademark infringement. Because nobody was bleeding or choking and physical harm was far from imminent, it was able to be handled with a cool head. Continually assessing the people, the hardware, the environment, and the customers in order to get to the end destination with fuel in the tank is practically secondhand.

Hopefully there is more history to be written here. Thanks for reading, and we hope you can benefit from reaching out to White Cloud to get your needs taken care of while you go skiing.