Best Road Biking Rides in Salt Lake City

best road biking rides in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas offer some fantastic road biking opportunities with beautiful scenery and varying levels of difficulty. Here are six of the best road biking rides in Salt Lake City to enjoy for some outdoor recreation near the Wasatch mountains. Emigration Canyon This is a classic ride and is one of […]

6 Epic Hikes in Salt Lake City

6 epic hikes in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah is a paradise for summer outdoor recreation in the Wasatch mountains. Enjoy Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon, Millcreek Canyon and access to the best hiking trails in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Hiking around Salt Lake City, Utah offers beautiful views of Lone Peak, downtown SLC and trails tucked into […]

Outdoor Recreation in Moab

outdoor recreation in Moab

Moab, Utah is a town that grew into a thriving tourist destination. The city is located near Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park and about a four hour drive from Salt Lake City. It is a base for lots of outdoor recreation in a beautiful setting. The best way to explore the southern Utah […]

Summer Recreation in Millcreek Canyon

Salt Lake City summer recreation in Millcreek Canyon

Summer in Salt Lake City is a great time of year to explore the canyons and the mountains of the Wasatch range. One of the most accessible canyons to Salt Lake City is Millcreek Canyon, which offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation to enjoy. Summer recreation in Millcreek Canyon should be high on your […]

Paragliding in Salt Lake City

paragliding in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is known around the globe as a world-class paragliding destination. Paragliding in Salt Lake City has everything from the best beginner hill around to some of the meanest, sharpest thermal flying that can be used to fly hundreds of miles. With the Wasatch rising to 11,000 feet east of the city and […]

Summer Outdoor Recreation in Salt Lake City

female hiker scrambling south ridge of Mt. Superior Utah

Get ready to clear your schedule, grab your gear, hit the trails and enjoy summer outdoor recreation in Salt Lake City. Summer in Salt Lake City is a blast! Here is what you should plan to do… Trail Running Mountain Biking Hiking Climbing Road Biking Paragliding Camping Swimming   Salt Lake City, Utah is an […]

Winter Outdoor Recreation in Millcreek Canyon

Millcreek canyon cross country skiing

Winter in Salt Lake City is known for an abundance of ski and snowboard resorts located in the Wasatch and Park City, but Salt Lake City offers many other winter outdoor recreation options. The Millcreek Canyon trails, located a short drive from downtown SLC, are known for winter recreational activities where many people from the […]

Challenging Trail Runs in Salt Lake City

female hiker south ridge of Mt. Superior Utah

Salt Lake City is known for its vast valley, snow-covered peaks and Mt. Olympus standing proud over the city. An outdoor playground all year round, SLC is paradise for recreating in nature and one of the best ways to explore the mountains and the valley is by checking out some challenging trail runs in Salt […]

Five of the Best Mountain Bike Areas in the Wasatch

corner canyon draper mountain biking

Highlighting only five of the best mountain bike areas in the Wasatch is a challenge with so many great mountain bike trails throughout the state of Utah. Everyone has their own opinion of what makes a trail great based on what they are looking for from their riding experience. These are a few areas and […]

4 Beginner Mountain Bike Trails in Salt Lake City

beginner mountain biking salt lake city

With epic views of the Wasatch Mountains and a relatively dry climate, Salt Lake City, Utah is a hotspot for mountain biking. Utah is known for its stunning mountain views and slick red rock trails. Salt Lake City is conveniently one of the most accessible cities for those seeking a quick mountain bike ride after […]