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Frequently Asked Questions

The quickest and easiest way is to log in or sign up. That way we know who we are engaging with. After that, you’re just a few text messages away from getting some things taken off your plate that would otherwise get in the way of doing what you value most!

The reason White Cloud Concierge exists is to put more time into people’s lives to do what they value most. Our customers tend to enjoy spending time with their friends and family, working their fulfilling and engaging jobs, or recreating in their favorite way. 

White Cloud Concierge thrives on network effects and learning from what it has done previously. Some of our most common services rendered are house cleaning, lawn care, errand running, pickup and delivery ski and bike tuning and car detailing. However, because our network is strong and deep, we can do the research necessary to get whatever it is done that you need to get done!

We have solved the most common problems and will continue to do that. The one-offs are more interesting to us, and we are happy to meet your needs so that you can continue to live life on your own terms. Check out the full list of our services to learn about all of our offerings and feel free to ask about anything that is not on that list.

Due to legality, we cannot build your house or perform extensive renovations or anything directly involving electrical or plumbing work. We also cannot drive your children anywhere and generally do not directly engage in babysitting. Managing your rental property is also not something we do, except in extremely special circumstances. We also cannot deliver alcohol or procure any kinds of drugs or medication. 

If it is a simple problem that we have solved before, we usually get it done within a week depending on schedules and availability. If it’s a one-off or more interesting problem to solve, we will start solving it right away, but it might take more time to get everything organized. Usually we can schedule services within two weeks and errands can often be run the same day.

An extraordinarily high level of trust can be built with White Cloud Concierge. If you need your car moved and trust us and our associates, we will put a licensed and insured driver behind the wheel to get the car to the shop for extensive repairs. If you trust us to enter your home without direct oversight to run an errand or do a job, we will happily accept and protect your garage or front door code. We put ourselves in a position to be your ultimate personal assistant. We’ve let ourselves in and overnighted laptops to people who needed them!

One of the major conveniences of using White Cloud Concierge is that we wrap everything up in a single invoice for you to pay by credit card. Your house cleaning, lawn care, and errand running all come on one invoice. We process payments via Stripe, which is PCI compliant. No need to worry about cash for the cleaner, check for the lawn care guy, and Venmo or Paypal for the car detailer.

We work very hard with our vendors to ensure that they are happy to be working with us at agreeable rates that keep them motivated and honors their time and expertise. Tipping is not required or expected in any capacity. However, nobody will deny a few extra bucks for a job well done!

We personally vet them within the White Cloud internal team. If they pass our interview and service test, we ask them if they’d like to become part of our vendor team. We then check licensure, insurance, and other applicable documentation before sending them to our customers.

Yes! If you are a local business owner and need some extra time in your day, we’d love to help. If you own a business that could be a helpful vendor, send us a message and let’s work together to make people’s lives easier.

Yes! This is a wonderful opportunity to help high-value employees stay focused at work as well as make the most of their time off. No more stepping outside during business hours for a phone call to a house cleaner and minimal frustration on the weekends when they should be resting and recreating.