The Best Pocket Snacks for Skiing in the Wasatch

  • ProBars
  • Honey Mamas
  • G2G Protein Bars
  • Tillamook Cheddar Cheese
  • Ruby Snap
  • South Forty Snacks
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly

Do you have plans to hit the slopes soon? Make sure to pack some pocket snacks to fuel your day of skiing or snowboarding. Whether you are looking for high protein snacks or a sweet treat, here are the best options for local (and non-local snacks) to put in your pockets to fuel your day in the mountains. Enjoy this fun variety of the best pocket snacks for skiing in the Wasatch!


If you are looking for a meal on-the-go that will fit in the pocket of your bibs or ski shell, look no further than ProBars. Made locally in Salt Lake City, these bars are made with adventure in mind. Jam-packed with real ingredients and made to replicate a meal, some of the popular flavors include Blueberry Muffin, Superfood Slam and S’mores. Enjoy the variety of these protein bars and stay fueled for a full day at the resort or a full day of backcountry laps. 

Honey Mamas

If you are looking for a sweet treat made with all raw ingredients and no refined sugar, grab some Honey Mamas at the grocery store on the way up Little Cottonwood Canyon. Based in Portland, Oregon, these to-die-for chocolate bars are out of this world. These truffle bars are made with raw honey, coconut oil and cacao for a sweet and rewarding treat to warm you up while you are out in the cold.

G2G Protein Bars

Another Utah based protein bar you need to try as a ski pocket snack is a delicious G2G Protein Bar. These refrigerated protein bars are a healthy snack for the slopes. Packed with fresh ingredients, this portable ski snack is perfect for re-energizing after burning calories and making turns. G2G Protein Bars take a hard pass when it comes to preservatives and artificial flavoring. These delicious and healthy bars are a great option for your midday chairlift snack at Alta or Snowbird!

Tillamook Cheddar Cheese

The ultimate pocket snack to fuel your day of skiing are individually wrapped Tillamook Cheddar Cheese squares. One of the most popular cheese snacks in the entire country, this sharp cheddar from Oregon, will provide you with protein and a quick snack on the chairlift. The individually wrapped squares are perfect for throwing into your pocket, and they are one of the best pocket snacks for skiing in the Wasatch. Tillamook Cheddar Cheese squares are a White Cloud Concierge favorite!

Ruby Snap

If you want a gourmet sweet treat while you take a break from the cold, enjoy a locally made cookie from Ruby Snap. This retro-chic cookie company has everyone in the city raving because of the delicious taste in each bite. Pick up a single cookie box on your way to the mountain, (which is the perfect pocket size) or buy some pre-made frozen cookie dough at the store. You can bake them at home and fit as many cookies as you would like in your pocket!

South Forty Snacks

Made in Seattle, South Forty Snacks are a go-to protein packed snack that are simply delicious and easy to bring to the slopes in your pocket. Offering a variety of crunchy nut bars that are packed full of whole nuts with a bit of sweetness, these bars will give you the energy burst you need to ski high noon. Instead of grabbing a handful of nuts or making some homemade trail mix, throw a couple of South Forty Snack Bars into your jacket pocket and enjoy a day of skiing or riding. South Forty Snacks are one of the best chairlift snacks for taking laps at Brighton or Solitude!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Last, but not least, you can’t forget about a classic Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich. This is the ultimate snack to bring skiing or riding if you plan on hucking off cliffs or hitting up the park. No matter how many times you fall and how squished your PB&J might get, it’s still going to stay intact and taste delicious!

White Cloud Concierge doesn’t mess around when it comes to skiing and having the best quality snacks that fit right into your pockets. Save time by eating snacks on the chairlift and if you want to save more time to go skiing, check out our Salt Lake City-based services to knock off some items on your to-do list while you are taking laps or in the backcountry!