Best Road Biking Rides in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas offer some fantastic road biking opportunities with beautiful scenery and varying levels of difficulty. Here are six of the best road biking rides in Salt Lake City to enjoy for some outdoor recreation near the Wasatch mountains.

  • Emigration Canyon
  • Big Cottonwood Canyon
  • Antelope Island Loop
  • The Golden Spoke Trail
  • Legacy Parkway Trail
  • Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

road biking SLC

Emigration Canyon

This is a classic ride and is one of the best road biking rides in Salt lake City! Starting from the city, head east on Sunnyside Avenue and follow the signs to Emigration Canyon. The road offers a steady climb with picturesque views of the canyon. You can turn around at any point or continue up to Little Mountain Summit for a more challenging ride. This is an epic ride for cyclists in SLC for views and to get your quads burning!

Big Cottonwood Canyon

This is a popular route for cyclists looking for a challenging climb. Starting in the city, head south on Wasatch Blvd and turn left onto Big Cottonwood Canyon Road. The climb is demanding, but the scenery is spectacular, especially during the fall when the leaves change color. This is a great road biking ride in Salt Lake City once you have conquered Emigration Canyon.

Antelope Island Loop

Located in the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island offers a unique cycling experience with panoramic views of the lake and surrounding mountains. The loop around the island is approximately 25 miles and provides opportunities for wildlife viewing including Bison, pronghorn and a variety of birds. This is one of the best road biking rides in Salt Lake City because it’s the best place to escape the city for a quiet, relatively flat bike ride with views.

The Golden Spoke Trail

The Golden Spoke is a 100-mile-long interconnected network of paved trails that connects the major cities of Salt Lake County, Utah. It forms a loop that encompasses Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, and the communities in between. This extensive trail system provides cyclists with a scenic and accessible route to explore the diverse landscapes and urban areas of the Salt Lake Valley. Take a short ride along the Golden Spoke Trail or make an adventure out of it and go on a 2-3 day bike tour around Salt Lake City. This is the longest paved bike trail in Utah, so enjoy the ride!

Legacy Parkway Trail

For a more relaxed ride, the Legacy Parkway Trail is a great option and is one of the easier bike trails in Salt Lake City. This 14-mile paved trail follows the Legacy Parkway from Farmington to North Salt Lake. It’s a flat and scenic ride with minimal traffic, making it suitable for riders of all levels. This is the perfect family friendly bike ride if you want to have a family outing and have a more mellow cycling day in SLC.

Alpine Loop Scenic Byway

A bit farther from Salt Lake City but worth the drive, the Alpine Loop is a stunning ride through American Fork Canyon and Provo Canyon. The loop offers breathtaking views of rugged mountains, meadows, and waterfalls. Keep in mind that this ride is at higher elevations, so be prepared for changes in weather. If you are up for an adventure, this is a challenging, but rewarding ride!

Remember to always check local regulations and road conditions before heading out for a ride, wear a helmet and be sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, and necessary safety equipment. If you need a bike tuneup before a long ride, make sure to book a SLC bike tune with White Cloud Concierge. Check out some of White Cloud Concierge’s other popular services to save you more time on your road cycling routes in Salt Lake City. Learn about other popular Salt Lake City road cycling routes in the area as well!