People, Place, Purpose: Ben White

People, Place, Purpose is a weekly podcast hosted by Kate Luczko that focuses on business owners and their stories on how they started as entrepreneurs. Kate focuses on learning about what inspires people to start their own business, the joys that arise, the challenges they face and how networking and building relationships is an integral role as a business owner. Ben White, Founder and CEO of White Cloud Concierge and White Cloud Adventures in Salt Lake City, Utah was recently featured on this podcast to share his story as an entrepreneur.

About Ben White

Ben White grew up in Massachusetts skiing regularly in the Northeast and when he was 11 years old he had the opportunity to ski out west in Utah powder. That’s when he decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life skiing in Utah. After high school, Ben moved to Utah for college and never left so he could pursue his passion of skiing for his entire life. 

After college, Ben worked for his paragliding instructor Chris and was eventually encouraged by Chris to start his own paragliding business. This started Ben’s journey as an accidental entrepreneur by starting White Cloud Adventures as a paragliding instructor in Salt Lake City. After headway was made with White Cloud Adventures, Ben had another idea and started his second business, White Cloud Concierge. His objective for White Cloud Concierge is to provide services for busy individuals in Salt Lake City so they can have more time for themselves.

Challenges as a Business Owner

One of Ben’s biggest challenges at the beginning of his journey as a business owner was the fear of where his next paycheck would come from and making the sales himself. He learned that as long as he was adding value to people’s lives by solving problems, he would get paid.

“Do I drive a Mercedes? No. But as long as I can pay rent and get food on the table everything is working out” mentioned Ben.

White Cloud Concierge Podcast

Ben White’s Business Strategies

Ben continues to learn more and is slowly scaling his business. By using different softwares, staying organized, having an all-star team and providing excellent customer service, he has been able to slowly increase revenue and build a positive reputation for the company. For White Cloud Concierge, Ben vets his vendors through facebook groups, KSL and through word of mouth. He hires vendors to do work at his own home and if they communicate well, do an excellent job and go above and beyond he will discuss the option of bringing the vendor onto his team at White Cloud Concierge. 

Ben likes to connect people who are cash heavy, but don’t have much personal time with people who have more time on their hands, but less money.  This adds more value to both personas by bringing in more jobs to people who need work and more time for people who may have a demanding corporate job. This concept is at the roots of White Cloud Concierge and why organizing these connections has become the focus of Ben’s career.

Business Expansion & Goals

Ben hopes to have a White Cloud Concierge presence in other metropolis cities around the United States and has goals to grow his business in the future. He wants to be able to bring a Concierge Service into people’s daily lives just like the incredible hospitality of a concierge service at a fancy hotel.

The Success of White Cloud Concierge

White Cloud Concierge is turning into a buzzword around Salt Lake City. With glowing 5 star reviews on Google and the high quality customer service, White Cloud Concierge has become the talk of the town. The convenience of White Cloud Concierge as a “one stop shop” is helping people save time all over the Salt Lake Valley. The jobs are done well, communication is clear and customers have more time to go skiing, biking or have quality time with their loved ones.

Listen to the Podcast

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