White Cloud Concierge’s Most Popular Services

White Cloud Concierge is a Salt Lake City Concierge Service that helps SLC residents with everyday chores and errands so they can have more fun. White Cloud Concierge’s most booked services are house cleaning in Salt Lake City, yard work and pickup and delivery bike and ski tuning. Our mission is to give people their time back to spend how they want. Time to spend with loved ones, pursuing  passions, or simply some much needed “you” time. Contact White Cloud Concierge for a free consultation to see if our services can improve your lifestyle. Check out White Cloud Concierge’s most popular services below to see how we can save you time!

  • House Cleaning
  • Yard Work & Landscaping
  • Car Detailing
  • Bike Tuning
  • Ski Tuning
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Pool Services
  • General Errands
  • Dog Waste Cleanup
  • Window Washing
  • Collecting Bids
  • Private Chefs
  • Solving Problems

house cleaning Salt Lake City

House Cleaning in Salt Lake City

Our Salt Lake City house cleaners are thorough, professional and truly know how to deep clean a home. Their primary purpose is to leave you with the feeling of being able to truly relax in your own home after a long day of work or play.

Hiring a house cleaner before a big holiday event is always a good idea. Instead of stressing about all the nitty gritty details, just pay somebody to take care of the house cleaning. Focus on putting together a great meal, not scrubbing a toilet.

House cleaners are $40 per person per hour. They can do laundry, save you time and help you relax for the day instead of scrubbing the house. If you live in Park City, White Cloud Concierge also offers house cleaning services in Park City as well. Make sure to book ahead of time since Salt lake City house cleaning is one of White Cloud Concierge’s most popular services and books out quickly.

Salt Lake City Yard Work

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn is an essential aspect of owning a home. Yard work in Salt Lake City is no easy feat and can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially for busy homeowners. Lawn care requires regular watering, mowing, weeding, fertilizing, and other tasks to keep the grass looking its best. These tasks can be time-consuming and require specialized equipment and tools that many homeowners may not have on hand. Even for those who do have the tools, maintaining a lawn can be physically demanding, especially during hot summer months.

Reach out, especially during spring and fall for yard work in Salt Lake City. Instead of doing the work yourself, go enjoy the perfect weather doing your favorite things with your family. Learn about some spring lawn care tips for Salt Lake City to keep your lawn maintained, fall landscaping needs in SLC and check out our most popular yard work services in Salt Lake City.

Car Detailing in Salt Lake City

We come to you for a hassle free Salt Lake City car detailing experience. If you commute to work, drive home in a totally clean car. If you don’t, we’ll come to your house. Vacuum, steam clean, leather conditioner, glass polish, and more. Most mobile details are about $300 but that can vary based on how dirty it is and where the car is located. 

We also offer vehicle repositioning in Salt Lake City. Instead of spending time getting

your car to the shop and waiting for repairs to get done, stay focused on the task at hand and let us handle it. From something as simple as an oil change to a full transmission rebuild, we will handle all the logistics of getting your car back in working order. We’ll even fill up the gas tank and clean it too! Car detailing in Salt lake City costs $200 for logistics, car pickup, a light car wash, and delivery back to your house. Fuel is extra.

car detailing Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Bike Tuning

Biking is a fantastic way to get exercise, commute, and explore the outdoors. Whether you’re a recreational cyclist or a daily commuter, it’s important to keep your bike well-maintained to ensure a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride. Invest in pickup and delivery bike tuning services in Salt Lake City to save time and take good care of your bicycle. Regular bike maintenance is essential in Salt Lake City to ensure that your bike is running smoothly, and it can prevent costly repairs in the future. 

Using a pickup and delivery bike tuning service means you don’t have to spend time and effort bringing your bike to a shop or trying to do it yourself. A trained bike mechanic will come to your home or office, pick up your bike and take it to a shop for maintenance or repairs. Once the work is done, your bike will be delivered back to you, ready for your next ride. We will take care of all these bike tuning services in the Salt Lake City metro area as well as picking up and delivering your bike back to you. 

So get out there, enjoy the ride, and make sure your bike is well-tuned and ready for your next adventure. If you want to learn how to do basic repairs on your own, check out 8 tips to get your bike ready to hit the trails in Salt Lake City.

Ski Tuning for the Wasatch Mountains

Salt Lake City ski tuning is a great way to keep your gear in tip top condition and performing optimally. Sharp edges help carve smooth turns on hard snow and fresh wax keeps skis sliding in all snow conditions. There are a few components to a well tuned ski or snowboard. Here at White Cloud Concierge we offer pickup and delivery ski tuning and snowboard tuning services. Our most popular repairs for skis and snowboards are sharpened edges, waxing, flattened bases, stoneground bases, and any damage repair. Our trained professionals will have your skis and snowboards ready for the type of conditions you plan on riding during the winter. Learn more about our ski tuning services in Salt Lake City and make sure to prepare your skis and snowboards for a winter in Utah!

Salt Lake City Furniture Assembly

Do you have a few furniture assembly projects in Salt Lake City that need to get done but not the tools, time, or desire to figure out how to do it? We’ve got a variety of professionals who specialize in these projects. Assembling furniture is like a puzzle that can make us frustrated, but if you leave it to the professionals, you can leave all of that stress behind! Reach out to schedule a furniture assembly to save more time for yourself when you aren’t working.

Pool Services in Salt Lake City

Another one of White Cloud Concierge’s most popular services is pool cleaning and pool maintenance in Salt Lake City. We offer some of the best pool cleaning services in SLC with experts who will professionally clean, treat and repair your pool this summer. White Cloud Concierge also offers hot tub repair services so you can make sure your hot tub is hot and ready for a dip after a cold day of skiing in the Wasatch. Make sure to leave the pool and hot tub maintenance to the professionals and book a Salt Lake City pool service with us today.

pool cleaning Salt Lake City

General Errands in Town

Running errands in Salt Lake City is miserable. Dealing with the traffic, standing in line, and talking to people who can’t give you a straight answer. Errand runners in Salt Lake City are billed a minimum of $75 for the first hour and then mileage and time are factored into a custom invoice. Save some time and invest in a Salt Lake City errand runner to help get things checked off your to-do list and give you more time to enjoy outdoor recreation in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City based Dog Waste Cleanup

If you’re a dog owner, you know that picking up after your furry friend is an unpleasant task. It’s a chore that can take up a lot of time, and that time could be better spent doing something else. By hiring a dog waste cleanup service, you can free up that time and use it to do other things you enjoy more.

Overall, hiring a professional dog waste cleanup service in Salt Lake City can save you time, money, and hassle. It’s a convenient, safe, and affordable way to keep your yard clean and your family happy. With the help of a professional, you can enjoy all the benefits of being a dog owner without the hassle of cleaning up after them.

Window Washing in Salt Lake City

White Cloud Concierge also offers window cleaning services in Salt Lake City. We hire professionals to clean windows that are hard to reach on the outside and inside of the house. Invest in a deluxe or premium window cleaning package to clean your screens and tracks to get rid of built up dust and dirt. White Cloud Concierge will make sure your windows are sparkling clean each season. 

Collect Bids from Contractors 

Are you afraid of your data being sold to contractors and having unwanted emails and phone calls? Then let us do the outreach, meet with the contractor, and collect at least 3 bids for you to review at your leisure in one concise place. We always recommend licensed and insured contractors to ensure the best quality of work is also backed should anything go wrong. Skip the hassle! Price includes 3 bids, unless fewer contractors respond. Make life easier and let us collect bids from contractors for you. Collecting bids from contractors in Salt Lake City can save you a lot of time on a variety of different necessary projects.

private chef Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Private Chef Booking

If you are throwing a party or need catering for an event, booking a private chef in Salt Lake City is a great way to save time so you can organize other aspects of the party. Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower or just a family get together, enjoy the luxury of having someone else cook delicious locally sourced food. Don’t stress about what you are going to cook or how it will turn out, let the professional Salt Lake City private chefs take that on. Reach out to White Cloud Concierge to book a private chef for your party. Allergy restrictions and vegetarian/vegan diets can be accommodated.

Solving Problems in Salt Lake City

Another one of White Cloud Concierge’s most popular services in helping people solve problems. Whether you are having challenges with pickup/drop-off at the airport or can’t find a mysterious noise in your house, we are here to help. Life often brings all kinds of random problems and one of the goals at White Cloud Concierge is to help make your life easier by solving those problems for you in Salt Lake City. If you have any problems you want help solving, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Save more time with White Cloud Concierge’s most popular services, the best Concierge Service in Utah for your everyday life!

Spring skiing in Utah
Spend more time spring skiing in the Wasatch while we take care of your to-do list around Salt Lake City!