Women’s Winter Outdoor Groups in the Wasatch

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Salt Lake City is known for snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and mountaineering along the Wasatch range. Here at White Cloud Concierge we wanted to let the female identifying folks of SLC know about some different women’s winter outdoor groups in the Wasatch they can get involved with during a Salt Lake City winter.

Having community in the outdoor industry is essential but can be hard to find if you are a woman who is getting into skiing or riding or is new to town. Since it may be intimidating to jump into an industry dominated by men we have some suggestions for different organizations and women’s winter outdoor groups in the Wasatch to get involved in that are working towards a more inclusive outdoor environment.

These different resources can help women and girls in Salt Lake City get connected to other women who are looking for more women’s winter outdoor groups in the Wasatch. Continue to read in order to find opportunities to have buddies to backcountry ski with, join group winter hikes or go to different events in the area to meet new like-minded people.

She Jumps

She Jumps is an inclusive organization that gets young girls and women outside who have never participated in outdoor activities. 

She Jumps is a great way to dive into outdoor recreation if you have not had the opportunity to try snowsports before or if you are well-seasoned and want to give back. This organization truly brings women and non-binary identifying people together by empowering each other and getting more people outside. The variety of different scholarships, meetups, events and community this organization offers is a dominating force that has helped increase diversity in winter recreation.

This winter, She Jumps is hoping to restart She Jumps into the Canyon (post COVID) which provides teens the opportunity to learn the basics of skiing and enjoy the Wasatch mountains. She Jumps also offers a Snowpack Scholarship which helps offer affordable opportunities for girls and women to gain experience and knowledge about avalanche safety and snowsports. If you want to stay on top of the different events She Jumps is running locally around Salt Lake City and get involved with more women’s winter outdoor groups in the Wasatch, check out the She Jumps Intermountain: Idaho & Utah facebook group. 

Utah Mountain Adventures

Utah Mountain Adventures offers a women’s backcountry course series called Wasatch Mavens. This is a great course to invest in if you are interested in learning to get very involved in backcountry skiing or snowboarding in the Wasatch. In this course you will tour for over 56 hours with professional female mountain guides and get comfortable in the backcountry of the Wasatch range. This is a great way to build community and meet people who want to get serious about getting into the backcountry.

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Utah Ski Mums

Utah Ski Mums, a twist on “ski bums” is a free meetup group for women every Wednesday morning at Snowbird Mountain Resort. This is a great group for intermediate to advanced skiers who have availability midweek mornings to meet other skiing Moms while their children are in school. Ski Mums halted their weekly meetups during the COVID-19 Pandemic, so make sure to check the website for upcoming events and updates.

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Facebook Groups

Besides these few women-focused groups and events there are also a couple well known facebook groups for women in Salt Lake City to join. In these facebook groups, women can reach out to each other to find buddies to go on adventures with throughout the winter. The two most popular facebook groups for Salt Lake City located women who are trying to spend a lot of time outside and build community are Utah Adventure Girls  and Women who Backcountry Ski and Snowboard. By clicking these links and submitting a short bio and answering a few questions, you will have access to thousands of other women who prioritize outdoor recreation in Utah.

We hope you can make some connections in these women’s winter outdoor groups in the Wasatch and find adventurous women to summit peaks and take powder laps with this winter!

If you need more time this winter to enjoy the pow days and not have to worry about what needs to get done at home consider booking some of our services at www.whitecloudconcierge.com. Learn about other winter outdoor recreation options to enjoy during the snowy months in Salt Lake City!