Challenging Trail Runs in Salt Lake City

  • Bonneville Shoreline Trail
  • Pipeline trail in Millcreek
  • Quarry Trail in Little Cottonwood
  • Grandeur Peak

Salt Lake City is known for its vast valley, snow-covered peaks and Mt. Olympus standing proud over the city. An outdoor playground all year round, SLC is paradise for recreating in nature and one of the best ways to explore the mountains and the valley is by checking out some challenging trail runs in Salt Lake City. Some of the best trail running in Salt Lake City consists of summiting mountains, running through fields of wildflowers and exploring the deep canyons of the Wasatch mountains.

Whether you are looking to go on a quick run a couple days a week, are into ultra running or are looking to buy trail running shoes for the first time, there are plenty of options for running close to the city limits.

Check out some of the best running trails near Salt Lake City that are some of our favorite routes here at White Cloud Concierge.

Bonneville Shoreline 

One of the most challenging trail runs in Salt Lake City is the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. This 9.1 mile trail from start to beginning is the perfect place for a run that is close to the city, but is still located in nature. With a broad range of landscapes, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail is less challenging than many other trails in the area due to slight ups and downs, but no significant climbs. This trail is accessible at many different places along the trail. This provides many options for different start and end points making this a great trail for a broad range of mileage. Due to its lower elevation, this is a great trail for running early spring through the end of fall because the snow doesn’t accumulate as much as it does in the mountains. The Bonneville Shoreline trail is one of the most popular trails within close proximity to the city, so expect it to be a bit more crowded along this trail.

Pipeline trail in Millcreek

The Millcreek Pipeline Trail is a more moderate out and back route that is approximately 13 miles. The beginning starts with a steep incline which turns into a slight uphill throughout the trail. Once the initial first mile flattens out, there are gorgeous views of the valley and the surrounding vistas. There is a mixture of open areas and shaded trees along this route and in the spring expect to see rolling hills full of blooming wildflowers. This well maintained trail is another popular trail for running, hiking and mountain biking so pay attention to your surroundings and try to avoid this trail on the weekends.

Quarry Trail in Little Cottonwood

Located near Sandy, the Temple Quarry Trail is an 8.7 mile out and back trail that follows the creek up Little Cottonwood Canyon that offers plenty of shade. This is a more moderate trail that weaves through the trees and up the canyon, so expect the first half of the trail to be a slow and steady uphill. The creek offers a refreshing environment while running and the opportunity to take a quick dip on hot summer days on the sections that run right along the creek. Remember to leave your dogs at home because Little Cottonwood Canyon is a protected watershed and no dogs are allowed on this trail.

Grandeur Peak

If you are up for a serious trail running challenge, take on the 4.4 mile out and bike Grandeur Peak Trail. This trail is rated as hard and is very steep, rocky and has a lot of exposed sections of trail. This is one of the most popular challenging trail runs in Salt Lake City. Make sure to start early before you get hit with the heat and be prepared to walk and hike at times due to the challenging terrain. If you are up for the challenge, you will be rewarded with epic views of the Wasatch and Salt Lake City at the peak of the mountain. There is not much shade on this trail and due to the steep vertical incline it can be slippery on the way down. Proceed with caution and good luck taking on this trail if you are up for it.

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