Pickup and Delivery Bike Tuneup in Salt Lake City

Why a pickup and delivery bike tuneup in Salt Lake City will save you loads of time

Have you ever grabbed your gear for a bike ride after a long Salt Lake City winter and found that your bike tires were flat and your were in desperate need of a bike tuneup?  After thinking about your busy schedule, you don’t know when you will have the chance to bring your bike to the shop to get repaired and tuned. You’ve already cut into your cycling time, you can’t find the pump and you don’t have any spare tubes. At this point you’ve realized you have to bail on your morning bike ride since you have no time to take care of everything before work…bummer!

Instead of looking up the best bike shop in Salt Lake City you can reach out to White Cloud Concierge for a mobile bike repair service that will make things smooth, easy and efficient for you. At White Cloud Concierge we offer pickup and delivery bike tuneups in Salt Lake City so you can have more time for yourself and don’t have to spend time before or after work running errands. 

Summer is in full swing in Salt Lake City and one thing everyone wants more of in the summer is time. In order to save more time, a pickup and delivery bike tuneup in Salt Lake City is the best choice for bike maintenance. 

If you find that you are short on time and need a bike tune up this summer reach out to us for a pickup and delivery bike tuneup in Salt Lake City.We will come to you and pick up your bicycle and drop it back off at your home once your bike tune up is complete. 

The bike tuning services we provide are:

  • Deep cleaning of bicycle including dirt, oil and grease
  • Gears and derailleurs aligned and checked for damage
  • Tension adjustments made to different cables
  • Brake pads checked and brakes bled or adjusted as needed
  • Replacement parts installed on bicycled if needed
  • Wheel spokes checked, wheels trued
  • Tires and tubes checked for damage and flat tires repaired as needed
  • Lubrication applied to moving parts as needed


Now you can have more time to shred on the Wasatch Crest trail or Deer Valley bike park and take in the killer views instead of waiting in traffic after work to pick up your bike at the shop. On a side note, if you are in a crunch and need your bike repaired or tuned ASAP we also offer expedited services so you can get back on the trails faster. 

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