Best Pool Cleaning Service in Salt Lake City

Best Pool Cleaning Service in Salt Lake City

Always Hire a Professional to Clean Your Pool

Maybe during the lockdown, you saw those cool videos of people cleaning their pools. It seemed so easy and satisfying, why not try it yourself right? How hard could it be? According to those videos it takes only 30 seconds! All jokes aside, maintaining a full-filled pool is a feat unto itself. It’s a smart decision to hire a professional and have it be the best pool cleaning service in Salt Lake City.

How often should I clean my pool?

You should be cleaning and treating your pool at least weekly. This could be needed more often as the temperature rises, combined with how often you use it. Knowing how the temperature can get in Salt Lake City, Utah, you should err toward a shorter schedule for your chlorine treatments because bacteria grows faster in warmer temperatures.

Around every quarter – you should consider replacing the filters and any other cleaning equipment such as the degreasers. This is to ensure that your pool is properly maintained and working well with your cleaning schedule. 

In case you were wondering what happens if you decide not to clean your pool regularly, well that’s something you don’t ever want to consider. An untreated contaminated pool can get so dirty so quickly, sometimes it’s inconceivable how it can even become so bad.  You can get ear infections, stomach issues such as diarrhea, inflamed open areas such as your eyes or lungs through accidental ingestion, and even rashes. Long story short, if you own a pool, keep to a pool schedule. The water is supposed to be clear, not green.

Why should I hire an expert?

It may seem that doing the weekly treatment can seem easy enough, but in reality, simply having that second set of eyes fully focused on maintaining your pool’s cleanliness is worth more than whatever you end up paying for it. Having the best pool cleaning service in Salt Lake City will be worth it to maintain your pool this summer. There are also a lot of annual services you can get to keep the costs down and scheduled. Anything can be DIY, but having a professional always there, always doing it better since they are the experts, will help keep your pool clean and your peace of mind consistent. Don’t overthink it when it comes to pool maintenance.

Also ensuring that the right amounts are used during treatments and the pool equipment stays clean is also important. These experts come with specialized equipment that you do not need to have on hand and will bring it with them to properly maintain your pool.

Remember, maintaining your pool will also increase the lifespan of the pool, and help maximize the enjoyment during those extremely hot summer days in Utah. Why worry about spending that extra money on something that will keep you safe, and maintain your wellbeing?

Not only will hiring an expert make the job get done better, but it will also save you time. You could have an hour a week of enjoying your pool or an hour a week of maintaining your pool.

Ok – Sounds good – where can I go to find these experts.

Excellent question. We at White Cloud Concierge are on a mission to help connect you with our growing list of the best pool cleaning services in Salt Lake City. We want to help save you the hassle of finding the right partner to become your professional pool cleaner and help you save even more of that precious resource – time. Don’t hesitate to contact us to Hire Professional Pool Cleaner with any questions you may have, and feel free to always check out the other services we have to offer. 

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