Ski Tuning Essentials for Salt Lake City

Ski Tuning Essentials for Salt Lake City

Ski tuning is the act of changing a ski according to specifications dictated by the skier. Tuning a ski is done for a number of reasons, this includes increasing power and distance, especially for competition skiing.

In addition, ski tuning is necessary for you to have a good skiing experience and it will also make your skis last longer. Unless you’re fine with buying new skis every year, you should regularly tune them up anytime you’re skiing. Here are some ski tuning essentials for Salt Lake City based mountains in the Wasatch and the nearby canyons.

What Ski Tuning Entails

Ski tuning entails base grinding your skis to keep them flat which also in turn makes your ski down the slopes smooth. Base grinding usually happens if you don’t wax your skis. If your ski’s base looks all white and chalky, you should get it waxed more often.

The technicians will then sharpen the edges and detune the tail and tip of your skis so that the edges don’t catch unexpectedly in the snow.

Ski waxing is always done after the tuning, detuning, and sharpening are finished with your skis. Your skis should always be waxed to keep them water resistant since your skis are most likely made out of wood such as maple and ash. The edges of your skis are made out of metal such as steel and like most metal materials, water will make the steel rust.

To help your ski’s condition, you should dry your skis when you’ve finished all your runs at the end of the day to help them avoid any rust and corrosion.

Wax will also make your skis glide faster down the slopes and make it easier for you to make a smoother turn.

Make Sure Your Skis Are Tuned Perfectly

You can probably tell if your skis need some tuning and waxing if your skis snag on the snow or if your glide is more of a tumble down the hill. Additionally, your skis will look dry and discolored. Just search for any ski tuning technician near me that can help you with the condition of your gear and they’ll be able to tell you what maintenance your skis need, depending on the type of skier you are.

Skis generally last about eight years, depending on how often you ski and how frequently you get them tuned and waxed. As mentioned above, taking proper care of your skis will make them last longer. If you’re an avid skier, you might get it replaced a lot sooner. But generally speaking, skis will last you a good 150 full ski days of use.

Tune Your Skis In Salt Lake City

Skiers will find that getting their skis tuned in Salt Lake City can be a very easy process since there are many ski shops with professional technicians. Our pickup and delivery service makes for the most convenient way to get a tuneup!

Paying to tune your skis once in a while will let you get the most out of your skis, add more years to your ski’s life, and make you have a better skiing experience. Make sure you invest in some good quality Salt Lake City ski equipment, a good tuning for Utah conditions and learn about ski tuning essentials for Salt lake City so you can keep your planks well maintained!

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