Hassle Free Bike Service in Salt Lake City

Hassle free bike service in Salt Lake City

New bike day is up there in the pantheon of “great days.” Sure, maybe it’s not as special as your child’s first birthday or your wedding anniversary, but it’s not far behind. It’s usually the culmination of weeks of anticipation as you shop around for your next bike, comparing prices and specifications, and trying to find the best bike for you. And, right off the showroom floor, that bike will ride like a dream. The drivetrain will move smoothly through each gear shift, the brakes will allow you to modulate your speed intuitively, and the suspension will cycle smoothly to eat up every bump in the trail.

Unfortunately, though, we live in a universe where entropy exists, and the laws of physics dictate that moving parts will not move smoothly forever. When those parts stop moving smoothly, you’ll notice every time you ride. Your chain will start skipping around as you shift gears, brakes squawk through corners, and suspension starts to make squelching noises. At its best, a mountain bike is an elegantly simple way to explore the world, and especially Mountain Biking and Skiing in Utah is the best sport. At its worst, it’s a janky nightmare cacophony of worn parts and potential failures. Of course though, with regular maintenance, you never have to worry about your bike becoming the aforementioned unrideable monstrosity. To make things easier when your bike needs a repair or a tune-up look into a hassle free bike service in Salt Lake City.

Benefits of Concierge Service for Mountain Bike Repairs

That “regular maintenance” is the real catch though. It adds up. Most mountain bikes will require a bunch of small repairs over the course of the season, with at least one full tuneup to keep them running as smoothly as they were designed to. If you take them individually, those maintenance and repair sessions might not seem like they take too much time out of your day, but over the course of the year they really add up to a whole lot of time spent fixing your bike instead of riding it.

Who has time to learn how to repair and maintain the myriad moving parts on their bike themselves? And beyond that, who really has time to drive into town to a bike shop, to drop their bike off with a mechanic who may or may not be motivated to ever fix it and get it back on the trail? We get it, you live a busy life, you’ve barely got time to ride your bike as much as you’d like anyway, and every moment you spend waiting in traffic to drop it off at the shop is a moment you could be spending with your family.

On top of all that, deferring maintenance on your mountain bike might not feel like a big deal at the moment, but it adds up and can lead to much more expensive failures down the line. A worn chain is an affordable fix, but run it too long and it will eat away at your cassette and chainring, even wearing down your derailleur so that what should have been a quick, affordable fix turns into an expensive drivetrain replacement. Bike maintenance isn’t just an investment into your riding experience, it’s also an investment into your bike, small fees to maintain your bike goes a long way toward ensuring its longevity and warding off catastrophic failures.

That’s why we’ve developed a solution to the hassle of bike maintenance and tuning. Our hassle free bike service in Salt Lake City takes all of the frustration out of keeping your bike in tip-top shape. Don’t put off maintenance and let your bike fall into disrepair. Instead, just use the simple tool on our website to schedule a time for us to come pick it up. Don’t worry about ferrying it to a shop. We’ll come to pick up the mountain bike from your place, and our experienced mechanic will assess any issues, perform routine maintenance and make sure it’s running as good as new before we drop it back at your place in time for your next ride. No waiting in traffic, no dealing with busy bike shops, no botched DIY jobs. Just a seamless bike maintenance experience.

Summing it up!

It’s really that simple, we take care of all the transportation, parts sourcing, repairs, and routine maintenance. Do you have a smartphone? That’s all you need to make sure that your mountain bike stays running smoothly all season.

We get it, it’s easy to push back routine maintenance to say to yourself “it’s fine, I’ll get to it after this ride.”  But all those little niggling issues add up to make the experience of riding your bike just a little less seamless, a little less fun. And that’s the whole point, right? Have fun! A well-tuned mountain bike will be more fun to ride, will last longer, and will protect your investment for years to come. So don’t wait, just contact us for a hassle free bike service in Salt Lake City.

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