Ski Tuning in Utah

Ski Tuning in Utah

Part of the magic of buying a new pair of skis is the whole convoluted decision-making process. It’s rare that you just happen to know exactly what model of new skis you want right off the bat. Instead, there’s a whole ritual to shopping for new skis. First, you have to decide what snow conditions you’re trying to optimize your skis for, what width you’re looking for, what sort of rocker profile, what flex, what length and the list go on. So we do our research, we read reviews trying to suss out minute differences in performance, maybe we demo some skis until we’re confident with what we want, and finally, buy those new skis.

But, for too many people, that obsession with performance ends the moment those new skis are safe and sound in their house. You finally got the new skis, the best skis, your new favorite skis, so you can just ski them every winter for the next five years without needing to maintain them, right? Wrong! Just like any other piece of gear, skis need some routine maintenance to keep them performing at their highest level which is why you will need to look into options for ski tuning in Utah.

Bases dry out, edges get nicks and burrs, rocks take out chunks of plastic, and slowly those once-perfect skis start to lose some of their performance edges. Over the course of a season it all adds up. They don’t slide as quickly over groomed snow, they don’t bite as hard as you carve turns, and they get grabby and unpredictable. Ski tuning services in Salt Lake City can help you out with taking care of this problem!

Sure, you might not notice the small degradations in performance that happen over the course of the season, that’s because those changes happen slowly and sneak up on you. But, get those skis tuned by a professional and you’ll immediately notice a night and day difference in how smooth and consistent every turn feels.

“But” you say, “that’s all well and good, but I’m a busy person. I’ve got meetings to attend and video calls to moderate. I don’t have time to take my skis into some shop, deal with long wait times, and then have to take time out of my busy day to go pick them up before I can go skiing. I’ll take a small performance downgrade over the hassle of getting my skis tuned at a shop any day. I’m on vacation to ski, not to ferry my skis around and wait for them to get tuned.” And that’s totally fair. We get it. Getting your skis tuned the traditional way is a whole bunch of hassle for a small reward, so we totally understand why a lot of people put off turning their skis.

But what if there was no hassle? What if you could schedule that ski tune with just a few clicks, and an experienced ski tech came to your house, picked up your skis, tuned them, and dropped them back off freshly waxed with newly sharp edges before it’s time to hit the slopes? We’ve done our best to completely remove the barriers to keeping your ski gear in tip-top shape by taking care of all the hard parts for you. Just schedule your pickup and dropoff times, and we’ll handle the rest. 

Maybe you found some rocks under the snow and have some core shots that need to be patched. Well, we’ve got you covered, and your skis will come back as good as new. Bases sticking? They could probably use a wax, don’t worry, we’ll fix them up with a temperature-appropriate wax, scrape, and brush them, and get them back to you in time for the first chair. Maybe your skis are just feeling a little dingey like they’ve seen better days? We can re-sharpen edges, get rid of burs, re-structure bases, and get them back to feeling as good as they did that first day you got to ride them. And the same applies to snowboards. If it’s something you stand on to slide down snow, we can take care of it.

We believe that your time skiing isn’t just about what happens on the hill, the hours spent before and after your day skiing is just as valuable. And that time is better spent enjoying life, and connecting with friends and family, than waiting in line to get your skis worked on. So make the most of your time in the mountains, and let us take care of the annoying parts. We’ll keep your skis or board running smoothly, while you experience the best the mountains have to offer. Your skis or snowboard are an investment in your own enjoyment. So protect that investment, take care of it. Keep your gear tuned and ready so that you’re ready to make the most of every run. Reach out to White Cloud Concierge for the best ski tuning in Utah after you purchase a pair of skis and ride around for part of the season.