Save Time with Salt Lake City Concierge Service

Save Time with Salt Lake City Concierge Service

White Cloud Concierge- Salt lake city concierge service

White Cloud Concierge is a Salt Lake City Concierge Service that will help you have more time to enjoy doing what you love and less time doing chores and running errands. What does a Concierge Service do? This Utah Concierge Service will help you manage everything with ease and make sure that everything gets done with a timely and professional manner. We want you to have more time to ski, bike and spend time outside with your family during your free time instead of always scanning your to-do list. From house cleaning, airport drop offs, landscaping, ski tuning and bike tuning- the list of tasks for White Cloud Concierge is endless!

Time is Money!

This phrase can date its routes back to ancient Greece and be popularized by Benjamin Franklin’s speech in Advice to a Young Salesman. In simple terms, it means that time is a valuable commodity and one should not squander it when simply spending money will handle a specific task. 

This should translate into daily decisions that many things that are done by oneself should, in fact, be handled by a professional and paid for, so that the extra time can be used for more productive matters. 

Some people are taught to not spend money if they can handle the situation themselves. This goes from cleaning the house to filing one’s taxes every year. While this can save a lot of money upfront how much time does all of this actually come out to. Another thing that is important is that while saving money early on, investing early on, working hard at a career early on, and handling all these additional tasks alone are a great way to become independent, they are also the fastest way to become burnt out. 

It might look like this person is ahead of the game, and the envy of his or her friends, but in reality, the amount of effort and energy being used up is not infinite, and when that eventual burnout happens, it will take a long time to recover, drastically reducing the effectiveness of the strategy mentioned above. 

There’s also a way that money is looked at, and it is given too much power over how one thinks and lives, eventually consuming that person to only focus on finding all the possible ways to earn it and save as much as possible, without focusing on what’s important in life, which is really anything else

Those that focus and spend too much time on it, are thinking it is a finite resource and leading to feelings of scarcity, that can actually take years off their life, and add stress and anxiety. These mindsets are always concerned and worried about where money will come from next, where to spend money, and what happens in the worst-case scenario. 

Why not take a different approach, and feel a sense of abundance. It isn’t about spending more than one’s means, or partying and gambling money away. Burning off some steam once in a while is a welcome idea that should be done in moderation.  Consider having these tasks handled by experts, instead of working a long time at work, then needing to come home and do more work, but this time as a chore and completely unpaid. 

Start Small

The best place to start with this is the one item that doesn’t need to be done often but is always on the back of one’s mind, and that is usually related to lawn care and landscaping. Instead of spending a long hot summer day outside in the Utah heat, why not consider hiring out some landscaping

Periodically, a good landscaping schedule is about monthly, and the average amount one would spend is $175 for handling all the lawn mowing, shrub trimming, and whatever else landscapers do. This team usually brings a specialized crew in to handle this, with equipment that the ordinary homeowner does not need to own or maintain themselves.

That is a small price to pay, and the annual equipment savings alone, only help solidify the argument of getting a professional landscaping company to come in, and usually do it faster and a better job, since they are the experts. White Cloud Concierge, a Salt Lake City Concierge Service can help get someone scheduled to start some yard work and landscaping at your home.

Cleanliness is next to…

While on the subject of cleaning, it could be a good idea to cover the cleaning that happens inside the house as well. Hire house cleaner, can be one of the best decisions people can make, as it leaves the house in a state of cleanliness, but one can actually enjoy it since they did not have to spend a lot of energy to get that house clean. Getting one weekly or bi-weekly can run around $300-700 per month, but having a consistently clean home will make people feel like this price is a steal.  No time spent cleaning means time doing what is valued most.

Just like the landscaping crew, a professional house cleaner simply knows how to do their job at cleaning than, well anyone else. In some cases, these services can remove the need of getting cleaning equipment, as they can also be included, freeing this clutter that starts to accumulate in the home. 

Cook without the hassle of planning

Another great idea is utilizing a meal delivery service. Not something like food delivery, but one where the ingredients are sent to the house, with direct instructions on how to prepare each meal. This might seem the hardest to bite, but in reality, it completely removes all of the thought and travel required when grocery shopping. 

These meal kits can be purchased in a way that covers all three meals for the day and will come with the right-sized portions to make delicious meals every time. It helps keep everything on a fixed monthly budget and usually averages around $250 per month for about three days worth of meals per week. This leaves room to still go grocery shopping but helps for those stressful “no time to buy grocery” workdays.  It can also help those that sometimes have an urge to overindulge, as these come with the right calorie counts, and can help with weight loss and maintenance. 

A small amount for a large relief

This totals to around $725 on average to not have to lift a finger or a mental thought on common tasks throughout the month. Just thinking of how much time is saved, let alone how much actual physical and mental energy is saved by not having to handle these tasks.

One might think that these types of services are only for the rich, and everyone else has to roll up their sleeves and handle this burden themselves. For those thinkers, they should calculate the actual hours spent on these tasks, and divide the amount mentioned above to see the actual per hour cost. 99% of the time, it will seem more worthwhile to utilize those hours on something more productive, such as solving a specific task at work to get that promotion or consider a side hustle that needed only those extra five to ten hours per week saved by hiring experts. 

Having money to spend on getting a support staff is not a luxury, but something reserved for the intelligent people that know that money is only a tool, and how that tool is used is important. No one should ever let money control them, as they end up becoming a slave to always making more, forgetting what real priorities in life should look like. 

Some final thoughts

Personal finance and budgeting are extremely useful tools that the US education system has seemed to forget to include in its curriculum. It’s important to learn early on how to become an expert in this field, but another more important lesson that is learned during this education is the time value of money, and realizing just how finite and priceless time can be versus money, which can always be made in some capacity. 

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