White Cloud Concierge for Real Estate

White Cloud Concierge exists to add value to people’s lives by giving them the time to do what they value most. We do this by creating and curating a network of service providers who get things done for busy professionals in Salt Lake City, Utah. We like to say that “we keep doctors doctoring and lawyers lawyering and resting and recharging when they should be resting and recharging”.

A lot of these services are in demand when it comes time to buy or sell a home. As a real estate agent in SLC, part of your job is to arrange for these services. We can free up your time by tapping into our network to provide the best concierge services in Utah for your life.

This is tricky because we feel like we’re doing your job for you and it often comes with tight deadlines. These tight deadlines compete with our more relaxed work flow and cause us extra stress. In order to take on real estate projects with tight deadlines, we reserve the right to charge extra in order to recognize the extra administrative effort required to re-arrange other work and meet the more immediate and pressing demand. As a Salt Lake City Real Estate Agent, White Cloud Concierge can help with your to-do list and make tasks easier for your job and life.