Vendor Resources

Here are some suggested resources that the people on the internal side of White Cloud have found helpful in the journey of being self employed. By no means do you have to use these and we do not get paid for making these suggestions. We wish we knew about these things sooner. A rising tide raises all ships, and it’s easy enough to put these websites, email addresses, and phone numbers on a page for you to at least have a starting point. Not every solution fits every person or business perfectly, but here’s what we have found to work well enough.

Health Insurance

April Faldmo, lives in Draper, can help navigate HealthCare.Gov for you and explain what each part of each plan is. Was Ben’s favorite before he got married to a wife whose job provides excellent benefits for spouses.

Chris Cutler, very knowledgeable about lots of things and very helpful


Local independent health insurance broker representing all of the major health insurance companies in Utah. 10 years experience in the industry. His goal is to find out about each client’s specific needs and goals then he shops out health insurance options to find the best fit. He takes pride in being super available and responsive to all of my client’s questions or concerns. 

Financial Advisors

Heidi Westfall

Todd Anderson



Book keeper

Susan Nelson, has been doing construction book keeping for 30 years. It’s unlikely that you’ll need a book keeper if you’re using Quickbooks, but if your accountant at the end of the year says you need a book keeper because you’re doing so many transactions and it’s complicated, then hire Susan


If you want to build a super simple site that shows your contact information and some examples of work you have done, use

You’ll be able to plug this in with Google My Business and get Google Reviews, among other simple, basic stuff

If you want to build something highly complex with customer logins, SEO, custom code, use WordPress with the Elementor plugin as a base. This can quickly grow into something that costs thousands of dollars a month to build and maintain

Where to go when filing an EIN

This is your Federal Employer Identification Number. It’s like a social security number, but for a business. If your business is a simple one, it is recommended to go here

Notice the “IRS.GOV”, any other websites without a .gov in it are businesses trying to help you and charge lots of money. If your business is more complex, hire a lawyer to help with this.

When filing an LLC

It is likely that this can be done by yourself. Once again, if you have questions, contact a business attorney

Business Attorney 



Credit Card Processing Software



For more information or to work through some of this with the White Cloud team, please contact us and we will do whatever we can to help.