At White Cloud Concierge, we want to make sure a few things are really clear with our partners about our priorities so we can all operate on the same page. The point of the concierge is to add value to people’s lives by giving them more time to do what they value most. Almost none of the work we do is life-saving or an emergency. Deadlines do have to be met, but we are not running an operating room. In a perfect world, we’d pair you with great customers who pay well so that nobody feels like the *have* to take a job that they don’t want to, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

#1 Priority – Health

If there is a health-threatening event going on, take care of it. No service job that we render is worth endangering anybody’s health.  Take the proper precautions to do things the sustainable way and avoid hurting yourself, especially on the job. If you have to go back later, communicate so. Make sure to get enough exercise and eat well. If you’re feeling burnt out, deny a job or two or ten until you’re feeling good. If you are having mental health concerns, ask somebody in White Cloud and we can help direct you to any resources we can. We will not buy health insurance for you, but can direct you to some other great resources for that as well.

#2 – Family

These are the people closest to you. Take care of them and celebrate them. We’re only on this rock once and our family members only achieve certain milestones once. If something pops up, go help. If we ask you to do a job on a day that your special someone has a special something planned, we understand.  Your daughter will only graduate high school once, and your son will only have one 4th birthday party.

#3 – Education

As a general rule, an investment in oneself is the highest return investment one can make.  We want our vendors to be as valuable as they can be to themselves and others. If there’s an opportunity to learn a new skill, take a class, etc., please take it. If you know that we have access to other vendors who you want to learn from, ask and we can do our best to make a connection so that you both can learn from each other. Growing as people is critical.

#4 – Work

Work is a condensed term for “adding value to other people’s lives”.  It can be rewarding, fulfilling, and fun. It’s also called work because it’s a lot of work and sometimes is frustrating and takes longer than expected. Doing work is important, communicating about work is important, but it is not nearly as important as health, family, or education. That’s why it’s not a top priority for us. If working is your absolute #1 top priority, you may not be the best fit. Work has to be done, it has to be done well, and it has to be done in a timely manner, but ultimately, it’s not necessarily what life is all about.